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The perplexing realities Of modern revolution


A dad’s message to a son…. “Dear son, we are eagerly waiting for you to have the dinner. We really miss you dear… Please log out from the Facebook and come for dinner”!!!!

Two days before, when I was swiping through the forwarded messages in my inbox, I came to read this funny message. Before sending it to the trash box I had a second thought…

Is this just a funny message or does it really have something inside???

My thoughts were just travelling from one area to another where I have seen and experienced many instances of the so called ‘social networking revolution’. Thanks to my friend who had forwarded me that comic bit which made me think – ‘yes… I have something to do with this stuff.’

Mr. Mark Zuckerburg, you can definitely feel proud of yourself!!! It is your idea of starting facebook that led people to rebuild their once lost relationships… It was your innovation that made people to think of creating and maintaining network relationships… It was a perfect click on your brain that made a wave all over the world… A common question in the social gatherings today is ‘are you there in facebook?’ If the answer is No, then immediately come the next question, ‘why?’  I was amazed to hear the fact that if facebook were a nation, it could have been the world’s third largest country after India and China with 900 million population strength!!!

Till yesterday, the usual see off tagline in the campus was “ok…see you tomorrow…bye…” but today, our teens have rephrased it as “ok… see you online…bye…” That makes the change!!!

Once … Sending a message was something meant for youngsters only. Chatting was a term known only among the teens. Smilies are the faces on which people exchange strange looks. But, today even our grannies and grandpas are quite familiar with these social networking terminologies. A seventy year old granny from India is now quite happy because she can watch her grandson’s videos from London and she can comment on her daughter-in-law’s newly designed Malaysian silk saree. She is thanking the social networking concept for not making her ‘feel bored’ of the idle retired life. Our uncles, aunties, grandpas and grandmas are liking, commenting, sharing and posting in the FB world. A substantial change has taken place in their attitude and viewpoints. Happy to know that they are travelling through the newer paths identified by the new generation. But, what is happening to our elder generation? Are they really trying to adapt to the new waves?

Well…a strange feeling has passed through my mind when such an elderly person started chatting with me in the widely accepted chatting language.

Hii dear… Hw r u?


Me @ ur hom nw. Ur sis s wid me… V r having gr8 fun.

Com hom soon. Gd nite…t.c J

What???  Is this really English???  Oh…the impact of the so called facebook language. Texting has now become a fashion. But, do we really want our elders to be in this wave? I don’t want to see my story telling innocent aunties and grannies to be busy in the FB world. I was again surprised when I found a new friends request from another elderly person in my family. I was hesitant about accepting this request. I just clicked on the ‘not now’ button thanking the facebook for providing me with such an option. In the meanwhile a new chat box appeared in my window. Again facebook settings came for my help.

The only thing I can do was to GO OFFLINE…!!!