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“They Burnt Everything, Including Books, What Will Happen To My Career Now”, Asks Meena A Riot Victim

Meena from Shiv Vihar who could not write her exam|Sariful Alam

The fire of hatred has been extinguished in Delhi somehow. The wounds inflicted by this fire are very deep, which will hardly be possible to heel. The Companion tried to know the sufferings by visiting riot areas and talked to people.

In our ground reporting, we came across a class XII student from Shiv Bihar, Meena. Her exam is underway  and today she was supposed to write her Political Science paper. But she could not write because she did not have any books to read. Her house was burnt during the Delhi violence.  Her books were torn apart, some charred by the rioting mob. She feels very broke. Speaking to us, she told that she wanted to become a lawyer, but now her dreams look shattered.

Meena said, “Sir, everything in my house has been robbed. I read in class XII. On March 6 is my political science test, tell me how can I take this exam paper?  I have no books and the rioters have looted my house in such a way that I have no money”. She also said, ” I have gone to many places for help that I will get some help from the government. Someone told me to go to court.  Sometimes they say to go the local police station. They asked me to bring a stamp (she is referring to stamping of documents) from the station. We do not have the money, how can I go? “.

At the time when the violence broke out, her parents were not at home. They had gone to a nearby village. She and her two younger brothers were alone at the home. “When our house was burnt down, we jumped back off wall and moved to another house.  I do not understand anything, everything is lost to us.  But everything that has happened has been very bad ”, said Meena.

“You tell me sir, I am studying in class 12, I want to be a lawyer. What will happen to my career now?”

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