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Do You Think It’s Okay? : A Poetic Take On Human Rights


Do you think it’s proper?
This illusion of a difference,
That we have created,
Between a Prince and a Pauper?

Do you like the inequality, I wonder?
That is faced by people,
So commonly, so Varietal,
Just on the basis of their skin color?

Do you think it’s normal,
To fear for your life.
When you write the facts, the truth, in a journal,
And the price of your pen is paid by a knife?

Do you think it’s alright,
To die on a train taking you home, in daylight broad;
Just because to a different God
Your prayers you recite?

This is what our world has come to.
A solution to all this? I want one too.
What we need, is a practice, a wisdom,
A way of Life, a System.

In which Everyone is equal;
which requires princes and paupers to pray,
Side by side. How Peaceful!!

In which a human being’s ranking,
Isn’t judged by the amount of melanin,
But by something more important indeed;
That is, by what he has done in life, his deeds.

Where unjustified murder is unlawful,
Where you’re advised to be good,
To those, who to you,
Were awful.

Where kindness, humanity, peace,
Compassion and Forgiveness,
Will surely decrease,
These events of inhumane savageness.

If I have to name such a culture, such an -ism
I can only say Islam,
That’s not just me, by the way,
But also Napoleon, Gandhi and Tolstoy.

Islam is:
To God, submission of your will.
And in His way,
To spend your time, wealth and skill.

It’s happiness, it’s peace;
To this world’s evils, it’s an end.
All these troubles would then cease,
And then finally, our broken world, we’ll have a chance to mend.


  1. Such an astonishing poem youve presented focusing on the very salient issues that needs to be known and recalled frequently..
    Mashallah.Admire your work..A work that is not so easy..