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It’s Time To Reveil Your Dignity


Today almost every girl has immersed herself so much in this trending thought that she stands shoulder to shoulder with man. Yes, women are undoubtedly blessed with as many rights and status as men are. But is that it or there is something more to it?

Both women and men were created in two different and distinct forms with the all the freedom they deserve. The notion of freedom and its de-facto imagination has been the matter of concern which is something this article tries to discern.

Women have been compelled to imprint this statement in their hearts and emblazon it in their minds – ‘women are inferior to men’ such that when they express this statement, they begin to think of every possible way to prove that they actually stand equal to men. It results into some bizarre actions that women follow defying the basic notion of the freedom they are born with.

  • Women wear T-Shirts, Jeans, Shorts and Trousers because men wear them!
  • Women try talking in loud and husky voice because men do too!
  • Women sell all sorts of products and most of the times become objectified in the due process of employment because they have to catch the employability level of men!

Alternatively there are other type of women who too try proving it wrong that “women are inferior to men” not by emulating men this time, but by proving their value to the society.

  • Who dress how the society expects them to dress up, based on the trends and fashion statement famous in the society.
  • Who walk, talk and behave like a customarily, but with that extra tinge of feminism in their expressions.

Ultimately, what women aim for is to ascertain men that we stand equal to them and astound them with our undeterred intelligentsia that is at the brink of falling flat on the society’s highly utopian norms.

While in the process of distinguishing our standard in the society, women fail to realize that in this equation, how subtly they have been deceived by Satan (The Devil), and subtracted Allah The Almighty. It is nothing but Allah’s subtraction from the equation that we must be worried about.

“What she (a woman) didn’t recognize was that God dignifies both men and women in their distinctiveness and not in their sameness.” (Yasmin Mogahed)

As a woman, being a sensitive soul or a full time mother is regarded as degradation in today’s society. Such remarks as this are the reasons that compel us to prove our worth! But wait, O! My dear Muslimah, you need not degrade yourself. When Allah Himself has placed you in such an esteemed position in His eyes, why do you even find the need to corroborate or impress men?

You are not brought down to this Dunya (world) to flaunt your bodies and sacrifice your dignities. If you are being taught that you are ‘free’ by wearing less clothes or by talking boldly or getting your choices noticed, remember, you are no more a slave to Allah. You have become slave to the society, which has become your master.  The society is what dictates you, and unfortunately, you don’t realize that it’s not Allah that you are worshiping but the society.

Dear sister, your value can never be measured by the number of people who appreciate your beauty or the number of men who like your uploaded pictures on social media. Your value is, was and will always be much higher near Allah Almighty – condition provided – only if you pay heed to His words, as to why the Quran states it that way and why it does so.

Dear sister, no age is meant for this sort of enjoyment where you party around for days and stay unescorted. No age is meant for this sort of enjoyment where you celebrate get-togethers with men and ultimately call them your so called ‘Cherished Memories.’

Remember, if you are focusing more on pleasing every man on the road, you are being disloyal to your own self. You are not here to please the society or its men. You are here, in this world, to please your Lord – Allah.

Dear sister, let your value be defined by how beautiful your character is. Let your value be defined by how beautiful your soul is. Let your value be defined by your ‘inner beauty.’ Why run behind anything else when you have the opportunity of working for something that is worthy?  It’s high time you reshape your perceptions of viewing yourself in your very own eyes. It’s high time that you reveal what your true dignity is.  It’s time to – ‘Re-Veil Your Dignity’!