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To A Melancholic Friend


You are a creature of the day,

You spread your wings, with happiness ray,

A ray of hope, a ray of sunlight,

Giving warmth to cold plights,

Seek not loneliness,

You’ll miss the friendliness,

Spread happiness, and be fine,

Love the moving wind as it winds,

Winding and binding all bad memories and swirling away,

All along together in one single sway,

Hold your breath, next, inhale the fresh air,

Surely there will be change in your melancholic gear,

Hold on! pain  ends,

As the Almighty, ease after difficulty sends,

Think about he who was a blessing to mankind (pbuh),

Look  to people, who suffer problems other than your kind,

Last but not the least,

There are people who are eager to have a single feast,

Some crumbles of bread at the very least,

Surely we are blessed more than the people of middle East,

Different trials, different pains,

All along there are different gains,

They are tested by bombing and poverty,

We are tested by free time and luxury.