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Toll Free Number Launched To Combat Hate Crimes


In a press conference today in New Delhi, the association United Against Hate launched a toll free number 1800-3133-60000 to register cases against mob lynching and other hate crimes.

The press meeting was attended by famous lawyers, social workers, professors and senior journalists from across the country  who appreciated the initiative of the helpline service.

Introducing this helpline service, Nadeem Khan of United Against Hate said that we are launching a toll free helpline in view of rising cases of mob attacks and hate crimes in the country. We will try to help the victims of such assaults and help them get them justice in the courts.

The aim of the Helpline Center is to help in the speedy justice to the victims of mob lynching, by reporting the incidents right away in media, documenting them and providing judicial help, and also to prepare a document of such attacks and build phased movement around it.

Innumerable cases of mob-lynching claiming lives of Muslims and Dalits have made it evident that the state and central governments have only made statements on such incidents. Despite all the claims of the government, the incidents are not halted.

Father Michael Villemy Founder President, Minority Christian Forum said that this is a good endeavor. Christians were also being targeted and there have been many incidents across the country. Everyone needs to come forward to save this constitution. India has to move ahead by creating an atmosphere of love and brotherhood.

Apoorvanand, a professor of Delhi University was also present in the meet. He said, “The reality of India is that such incidents are happening everyday. There is constant violence on Muslims, Christians and Dalits”.

Professor Ratan Lal said that there is no dearth of events since Rohit Vemula. People are constantly being attacked. This should be stopped soon.

Dr. Kafeel Khan while criticising the RSS said that these people are working to sow seeds of hatred. Mr. Yogi and Mr. Modi have unitedly carried this agenda forward. It is deplorable to kill people in the name of religion.

Senior advocate Sanjay Hegde of Supreme Court and Ravi Nair expressed their deep agony on the present state of Indian socio political situation. They said that said that the governments have failed to eliminate hatred and violence in the country.

Maulana Hakeemuddin Saheb Jamiatt Ulema Hind, insisted that we need to stand unitedly against oppression. We do not have to let ourselves down or disappoint people. Together we will make the country educated, accountable and better India.

Senior journalist Urmilesh said that there is a need to make a concerted effort to prevent violence against anyone. All should work together to ensure justice and peace.

Supreme Court Advocate Ehtesham Hashmi said the helpline is in dire need in rural and remote areas. We will always be prepared to ensure justice.

Increasing incidents of mob lynching and hate violence are a matter of concern, said national secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Malik Mohtasim Khan. “We have to work together to change the mindset of society. The government has the responsibility of protecting lives and goods. The government will have to take concrete steps in this regard”.

Maulana Abdur Razik said it is not enough to give only the prime minister’s statement on this issue, there is a need to take concrete steps to prevent it.

JNU Professor Ghazala Jamil was present in the press meet and paid commendable appreciation to the launch of helpline number in the way of ensuring justice to those whom the current ruling regime has failed.