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Velivada Shall Stand : Remapping The Student Politics


The Velivada at University of Hyderabad, which has been symbolizing the remapping of Indian student politics for the past three years, is now removed from the campus, that too in the same month Rohith left us. Emergence of Velivada at UoH goes back to the social boycott of five Dalit scholars, including Rohith Vemula in December 2015, which resembled a typical Indian caste village. Unfolded then was the atrocious face of Brahmin egomania that had to encounter one of the glorious students’ resistance in Indian history spearheaded by Dalit, Bahujan, and Muslim students.

Velivada could be roughly translated as a ghetto where lower caste people communed themselves. Usually ghettos are encroached by the state or corporate companies everywhere in the country, but here as a subversion of the usual stories, ghetto ‘encroached’ the university as one of the most thunderous declarations of anti-caste resistance. Secondly, ghettos are used to be located in the outskirts of the large cities. That is, it is destined to be in the margin in every geographical imaginations. Velivada of UoH unsettled the continuity of such stories and occupied the center as one of the most literal and radical signification of what we call ‘remapping’.

However, the act of removing the Velivada shows that the admin still envisages a caste colony in UoH and is ready for cleansing even the least shadow of a marginalized student for the same. This is, as it is evident, nothing short of a directive at its own intention to wage war against Dalit, Bahujan, Muslim students of the campus. Velivada is the epicenter of student politics in this country. Velivada is the metaphor for anti-caste struggles… Velivada is the space of oppressed unity. SIO strongly condemns the demolition of Velivada and pronounces its support for every attempt to rebuild it in the same place.

(This is taken from FB wall of SIO-UoH)