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‘Wall of Kindness’ In Kashmir : A Wall That Unites

'Wall of Kindness' inculcates sense of altruism and empathy. It is the best way to serve humanity without show-off.

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Kashmir is known for hospitality and generosity throughout the World. People here are always ready to render services whenever situation demands. This winter as the freezing cold gripped valley, a group of volunteers associated with a global organization “Who is Hussain” has come up with an initiative which had originally started in Mashhad city of Iran and has spread throughout the globe. The concept known as #WallofKindness or #Divar-e-Mehrabani in Persian language bridges gap between those who are willing to donate and those who are in need of miscellaneous things of daily usage. This is a charitable movement with the theme: ‘Leave it if you don’t need it and take it if you need it’.

#WallofKindness was initially started in the Mashhad city of Iran in the winters of 2015 when the Iranian economy was badly hit by the economic sanctions from the western World. Some Iranians got together and came with this innovative idea to support the underprivileged people who were suffering miserably due to harsh economic sanctions. The movement of #WallofKindness greatly helped Iranians to overcome uncertainty and hopelessness due to crippling economic sanctions.

This humanitarian gesture keeps the donor and the recipient anonymous as the one who wants to donate anything like clothing, blankets, edible items, stationary, shoes or any other handy things and the one who requires these necessities of life remains incognito. There are people who despite in extreme poverty feel embarrassed asking for anything, so #WallofKindness provides a unique way to get what the needy person requires for his survival keeping his identity hidden.

In short span of time, #WallofKindness has spread to different parts of valley and it has got tremendous applause from the masses. Few days ago, I was at Abi Guzar Bund in Srinagar where the #WallofKindness was set up at the banks of River Jhelum by the members of an NGO (Who is Hussain). I was overwhelmed by the huge response it received from the public. I saw many people bringing various items like winter outfits, food packets, shoes, blankets, books and other commodities and hanging them on the #WallofKindness. It really was a touching and inspirational scene. Some of the donors disallowed media persons to capture them through their lenses. They wanted to keep their humanitarian act veiled. I saw some individuals taking items of their need and honestly speaking the kind of smile I saw on their faces is inexplicable. They were over the moon.

Many people have overabundance of goods at their homes which they barely use. With the passage of time, these articles become unmanageable and unusable. How good it would be to share these things which we hardly use and donate to those beneficiaries who need them desperately. By this humane gesture, we can bring smiles on many destitute people.

#WallofKindness inculcates sense of altruism and empathy. It is the best way to serve humanity without show-off. It instills sense of sharing things which brings inner satisfaction and contentment. It keeps the dignity of beneficiary intact by keeping his or her identity concealed.

We all should try to create platforms like #WallofKindness in our vicinity where we can bring donors and needy people to share things. A donor can hang anything usable on the #WallofKindness as a gift for a needy person. This will also promote generosity and munificence among the youth. Charity is the best way to attain serenity and equanimity in our lives. Every religion stresses on charity. #WallofKindness, besides serving as a charity zone, also prevents us from extravagance (Israaf) and show-off (Riyakari) which are strictly prohibited in Islam. We can avoid overspending by donating for the cause of humanity and plus #WallofKindness wards off show-off factor by concealing the identity of donor.

To make #WallofKindness more productive, the organizers should not inscribe their name on wall besides they should not remain continuously present there so that donors and beneficiaries freely make use of it without any hindrance and the dignity of needy people is retained. Moreover, roofs should be erected on walls so that the items don’t get wet due to downpour or snowfall.

May Allah Almighty give us more strength and power to serve humanity irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Ameen