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Warmongering Fake News & Propaganda : This Describes Indian Godi-Media


Everyone is busy, screaming on their Timelines, Instagram stories and Twitter feeds about war without thinking about the consequences of war. The social media is turning out to be easy as people can drive war sitting in comforts of their home with their unlimited Jio data packs. That’s all it takes.

There are people calling out for peace too from both the sides of the border starting with a #Say No To War.

During such high times, the televisions at your home become a CANON, shooting Headlines full of War Mongering Statements, Fake news, Propaganda and everything else except news. While the news channels are bringing up noise polluting issues, labeling citizens of the country as nationalists and anti-nationalist, news channel seems to become a whole nation.

Students are being targeted in various educational institutions. News channels are spreading hatred among people by displaying the strategies of violence in your homes. People recharge, pay their expenses, just to listen to some aggressive journalists.

A disease of proving yourself as a nationalist or a patriotic person is spreading like an epidemic. According to some journalists and news channels, your name and your standard of living describe you as a nationalist or anti-nationalist.

Topics like Nationalism and Anti-Nationalism makes a debate alive in the Prime-Time shows of these so-called News Channels.The speech of Anchors becomes more hateful and aggressive — slogans like “50 heads for 1 head”, become popular and the highlights of such shows.

As we are heading towards elections it is fundamentally important that people should have a real sense of these issues, they should have some bit of faithfulness where they go and consume these issues.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing a public gathering in Jhansi, said, “Our neighbors’ intentions will be given a befitting reply by the people of India. All major world powers are standing with us and supporting us. The messages I have received show they are not only sad but angry too. Everyone is in favor of ending terrorism.”

He said the security personnel has sacrificed their lives and these sacrifices will not go in vain as he promised the perpetrators of Pulwama attack would be punished.

He said, “Our neighboring country has forgotten that this is a new India. Pakistan is roaming around with its begging bowl, but it’s not getting help from the world.”

In his Rajasthan rally, PM Modi reiterated his claim that India would no longer tolerate the pain of terrorism. “There is a consensus in the entire world against terrorism. We are moving ahead with the strength to punish the perpetrators of terrorism…The scores will be settled this time, settled for good…This is a changed India; this pain will not be tolerated…We know how to crush terrorism,” said PM Modi.

While on the other side, according to news agency PTI, a statement released by the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday said, “PM Imran Khan stands by his words that if India gives us actionable intelligence, we will immediately act.”

The government is busy gaining sympathy, votes and politicizing the issue by claiming it as, Second Surgical Strike and taking the credit on behalf of Indian Air Force. The honorable Prime Minister is busy with election campaign ahead in taking credits, without any remorse as there was no tweet regarding Abhinandan, the Wing Commander, captured across the border by the neighboring country and the soldiers who died in the helicopter crash in the non-military pre- emptive action.

The media is highlighting every operation, just for the sake of TRP. Air-strikes should be kept under cover. This could prevent the sudden reaction and damage across the borders of both countries.

We as citizens should demand no information regarding such major operations by claiming our whole trust on the Indian Army. This could prevent the people of our country from further damage.

War benefits no one. Families and lives of many people are destroyed. The innocent people of both sides suffer due to wars.