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We Just Love Hating Muslims


Why are political parties debating about the religious issues? Why are riots happening in the country, in the name of religion? Why nobody is discussing about the real issues, such as unemployment, child rapes, drying rivers, which are actually affecting us? Why? The answer is “we”. We, the people of India, are solely responsible for atrocities happening around us. We love discussing about our rich Hindu culture and believe that India belongs to Hindus only. Islam and Christianity were never a part of our culture, “our rich historical culture”. Especially, we do have a special corner in our hearts, for Muslims, ‘we hate them’, thanks to partition. We just love… hating Pakistan.

For people who have not read history, Muslims were always a part of our freedom struggle against British. Pakistan came into existence much later. We have divided the lands. Even when I see the most educated people around me, who claim to do good for the society, somewhere, in some corner of their heart, they hate Muslims. They want to believe that these people don’t belong here. We as Hindus, who are the sole proprietary owner of this country, are allowing you, Muslims to live here, just stay quiet in some corner and be thankful to us. We, as Hindus are letting you, Muslims, live in “our” country.

Were we always like this? From where is this transpiring? We are, what we are because of the experiences we had, because of what we see in our environment. It is just that, we always hated them. Now, we are able to hate them more and talk about it openly, thanks to BJP rule!! It couldn’t have been better. Now we can easily  kill them, be it, eating beef, love jihad or you see a Muslim boy wearing white cap. The reason that they are Muslim, is enough, just kill them, nobody bothers !! As somebody said to me, “It’s a bad time to be a Muslim in India”. This normalization of hatred towards a minority community is a serious concern. We, the people, are complicit too.

Modi is a wonderful politician. He will do anything to be on the political power. Somewhere we wanted that religious hatred, so he gave it, in the form of riots, mob lynching. If you had asked for better education, probably he would have given you that. It is the simple “divide and rule” policy that came into force. It is much easier to blame the political parties, but, the fault lies within. We as the people of the nation have to understand this and focus upon the real issues. China is a much greater threat to India, than Pakistan. Why is nobody talking about it?

We have to understand that if Muslims or Christians were not there, then what would have happened? Would we have stayed as a happy, peaceful Hindu country. NO. Then, we would have fought among castes. Dalits would have suffered the most, being minority. In any country, at any point of time, minorities suffer the most. India is not new. The concern is about the “issues” that people are discussing whether be it media houses, news or online portals. Once a very dear teacher said to me, “let the enmity end with their generation”. I am not telling India, Pakistan should become one. No, that’s insane and impossible. Let’s talk about other issues, such as, we all should have rain water harvesting systems implanted everywhere, so that we’ll have more ground water available. We should have better education facilities available in government schools. There are many issues like this which need our attention.

Discuss about discoloration of Taj Mahal and how can we save this historical wonder, rather than discussing whether it was built by Shah Jahan or was it always Lord Shiva’s temple?

Rather than discussing who did the rape? Hindu or a Muslim? Please discuss how grievous a child rape is. Or for that matter, any rape.

In this era, when anything and everything on internet gets media attention. Lot of voices are heard, good or bad. We as the youth of India should channelize our energy, time and attention for the betterment of our society, our nation. India is nothing but a piece of land. It’s the people who make the nation. Let’s hope for a better future. At least we can talk about better topics !!