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Which of The Favors of Your Lord Will You Deny?


Surah Rahmaan, chapter 55 of the Quran, is a poetic masterpiece. It glides from our lips, the recitation of it is so delightful to our senses and its meaning is so profound that we need months on end to come to terms with how it’s loaded with symbolisms, metaphors and scientific facts that one is left gaping at the marvels of Allah. The Surah is constantly posing us a question, a question to invoke the sleeping, dejected and ungrateful soul within us. Allah is giving us examples of the Sun and the Moon, the co-existing of two seas, giving us descriptions of heaven and what bounties lay within it, all the while asking us how long will we live in denial.

Let alone ponder on these excellent prospects, we started indulging in our mundane routines to the point of exhaustion, forgot aiming for the rewards hereafter, our aim became the respite of a Sunday after a busy week.

We complained and whined about our daily tasks, some said they are bored of job, somewhere unhappy with less outings/travel; some complained of the taste of food to what not, imagine every mediocre thing that is there to complain of!

From politics to relationships we had an issue with everything that ever passed our thoughts, and rightly so because criticism is the new millennial thing to do, isn’t it?

The idea of showing gratitude in the face of adversity was for conservatives, for helpless optimistic, we are idealist too busy whining, ranting and complaining.

And then here comes the real deal stopping us from our mundane activities, no schools, no offices, no traffic, no stale food at restaurants, no shopping or sales we indulged in and felt cheated at that. We are now in a lockdown. A virus that brought everything to a standstill, our routines have changed or let me put it this way there is no routine. Days passing with no end, time has lost its value.

We took everything for granted, the concept of mere walking out in the fresh air was such a huge thing to be grateful but alas we had complaints!

Now we are repeating our food, doing chores we dreaded, having real life conversations with families, rather than the continuous virtual connections we were lost in, in other simpler words we are literally helpless and caught off-guard, we crave our life before Corona, we miss the simplest things we took for granted. We want our life saving oxygen to be free of virus. Wait! Ask Yourself this; Were You Ever Thankful for Being Able to Breathe? No, me neither.

God gave us metaphorical reasons to ponder on His blessings, but we were too busy making a life! Now we have no choice but to reflect on the minuscule aspects of our life? I know we are again exhausted of this lockdown the effects it has on our mental health, but with all this time in your hand, did you take a moment to think which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?