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Yes, I Am Rebel

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You call me rebel for my struggle,

Yes I am rebel, fighter,and able,

Standing with justice and preamble

If it’s rebelling, proud to be called rebel


Rebel to the customs, crowd,disparity,

That born from the womb of  brutality,

Rebel to sucker of blood and humanity

That born from the womb of insanity.


You call me anti  for my country-hospitality,

I declare my rebellion to brutality,disparity, insanity,

That is called philanthropy, patriotic, and humanity.

That born from the heart of loving personality.


Rebel to the enemy of love and friend of disdain,

Rebel to the thirsty of lust and worst, dirty brain,

Struggle for native land, fight for rights of human

If it’s rebelling I declare me as rebel to your disdain.


You call me rebel for the voice of justice,

Yes I am rebel  against of fasist and racists

Rebel to chokidar and his beloved rapists,

If it’s rebel, I declare  rebel and confess


Rebel to the changers of law for their selves,

Rebel to the snatchers of right to express,

Rebel to the killer of Gandhi, lovers of RSS,

Yes, I am rebel to fight for land and rights.


Rebel to rise up my falling stars,

With the banish of hatred pillars,

Your brutality makes us more calibers,

Will see again dreams and dreamers.


Rebelling never be stopped until the death,

Cause, stamina is beyond the strength and faith,

To rub disparity, insanity and uphold the truth,

Yes I am rebel for depriving hate and myths.