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Yes!! Patriotism has been lost


“Of course those who do something against the nation, we will shoot them”. After hearing these words on a TV channel, William Blum flashed into my mind. William Blum, American historian has frequently said “if love is blind, patriotism has lost all five senses”.
The whole J.N.U episode reflected what Blum has insisted. Yes! Patriotism has lost…….so MHRD directed  university vice chancellors to uphold Indian flags in their concerned institutions.
Symbolism is the major symptom that you have lost……a flag is nothing else but a piece of coloured cloth.
Sanjiv Bhatt rightly pointed out “Waving the Indian Tricolor doesn’t make you a patriot. Upholding its underlying values does. Time to travel beyond symbolism.”
Yes! Patriotism has been lost…..so they are now openly using dirty language, abusing women and manufacturing WhatsApp photoshopped rumours.
Yes! Patriotism has been lost….so the so called flag bearers of “nationalism are importing fake twitter accounts to prove their own manufactured lies. (lie is not upholding the intense meaning of it)
Yes! Patriotism has been  lost…..so the  “mala jap” (harping on about) of nationalism is compelled to produce and air the fake and doctored videos to prove others’ anti-nationalism.
Yes! Patriotism has been lost…so they are feeling  proud, attacking people, journalists, professors (gurus), in court premises. Intoxicated nationalism has made them forget that judicial court is one of the most sacred places a nation has!article-liytfocqka-1455821465

At the end  contrary to  what Blum said, “this is not the patriotism which made them lose their all five senses but,  people”are hiding their own all five senses which they have lost, under the curtain of nationalism. So  my journey  which started with  William Blum’s quote, ends with Samuel Johnson’s saying “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”