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A budding politician


It was just before election time and the politician of, I’d not tell you the name … anyway, he was sitting on his arm chair thinking about how far can he reach in the coming years and how fast could it happen if he thinks right, and all that sort of political stuff the politicians live and die for.

His thoughts then jumped to, and wandered around money. So he closed his eyes and imagined more and more about money, for it provided his corrupt mind with materialistic peace.

Suddenly a frustrated faced intruder burst into the room and began uttering straight away in tone he was used to tolerating.

It was his young son.

“I’ve been asking you for the past two days, continuously, that I want the money for the car and you’re so busy that you can’t even sign a cheque!” He shouted. “Why the hell are you shouting so much when I said I’d sign it tomorrow!” The politician shouted back. “But I want it right now, I’ve made plans to travel to Goa tomorrow!

“For what?”

“My friend’s Birthday!”

“Which Friend?”

“That Goan politician’s with whom you shared your tactics on phone, why don’t you remember!”

“Oh! The member of…..” Mayor Recalled, – then begged his son to wait for some days as he has to settle his income tax issues.

“No right now! You know why?”


“Cause Manohar Pandey’s son said luxurious cars like that don’t suit the leaders of the scheduled caste! Not behind my back but in front of me, grinning like a bastard pig!”

Now Mayor’s face turned its colour to red, “Bastards!” He mumbled, the Mayor at once sprang up, peeped into the deepest corner of his safe, and took out the cheque signed him rushed out of the room. A short while later, when the Mayor talked about his friend’s son’s comment to his wife she felt shocked and said,” But why then Gullu has accompanied Pandey’s son right now, if such was the cases? And that too laughing out loud!”

“Er, no,” the politician uttered. “That means, the liar, once more had made a fool out of his own, Scoundrel” Pig!” “Gosh, it’s your mistake, not mine!”

She shouted like a parrot, “It’s you, who has taught him to become such a liar, isn’t it?”

“Heavens above!” The politician exclaimed. “He certainly will become a good politician! Mardood!”

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Saif Ali
is a professional graphic designer and a video editor. His passion is writing short stories in spare times.


  1. Crispness of this story is applaudable.
    All it takes is the firm step for the Cause(very much visionary)
    (infinite space for discussing between the right and wrong).
    Knavishness is now inherent trait of many people(it different density).
    Reminds of the retro hindi movie ” BAAP NUMBARI BETA DAS NUMBARI”.
    -Farukh, Bangalore