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ABVP Defeat Continues, Samajwadi Chatra Sabha Wins In Allahabad University


“I am committed to doing everything for the students I spoke during the campaign,” said Avinash Kumar, newly elected president of the Allahabad University student union.

The election result was declared on late Saturday night in which Samajwadi Chatra Sabha sweeps four seats, left one for ABVP. Avinash Kumar defeated Mritunjaya Parmar, an independent candidate by a margin of 552 votes, whereas Priyanka Singh of ABVP got 1582 votes and managed to retain at the third position. The chair of Vice President, Joint Secretary, and the cultural secretary were also won by the Samajwadi Chatrasabha Panel. The only chair won by ABVP was that of General Secretary. Nirbhaya Kumar got 2132 votes and won by a very close margin of 61 votes.

Chandrasekhar Chaudhry occupied the post of Vice President,whereas Bharat Singh and Avdesh Kumar of SCS, won over their closest rival and retain the post of Joint Secretary and Cultural Secretary.

Akhilesh Yadav congratulated newly elected office bearers of Allahabad University, He said, “It is a victory of socialist ideology and secularism. It gives a message that the interests of students cannot be ignored. Due to the faulty policies of the BJP, there is resentment among the youth”.

ABVP also performed poorly in DU election where they were in winning side for last five years. The election result of HCU didn’t turn up any good for ABVP.

The continuous defeat of the ABVP in different campuses is also being seen as the shrinking space for BJP-RSS affiliated student wing.  Earlier in the Allahabad University top post was retained by ABVP but despite breakthrough of BJP in Uttar Pradesh, its student wing failed to continue the winning momentum in the state.