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Dear Admin, Can We Do This in Kashmir?


Iran despite facing crippling International sanctions and psychological warfare since last four decades has done everything possible to minimize damage to education sector.

These days after the closing of educational institutions following the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, the authorities there have started online classes besides imparting education to students through educational channels.

Even social media platforms are being used there to exchange assignments, video tutorials and other teaching material among students and teaching staff.

The idea is to keep education intact even in times of crises and natural disasters. Truly an incredible act. We must appreciate it.

Now, as the educational institutions including coaching centers have been closed here in Kashmir as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. Can we adopt the same educational pattern here as in Iran?

Natural disasters or any other calamity will knock our doors anytime but we should always make sure that the education of our children should not suffer at any cost.

Let’s pool our energy and all resources for safeguarding the education and that too quality education of our children.

Let the administration start educational channels here and if this is not possible, let the high-speed internet (4G) be restored so that all educational institutions will start the mechanism and provide the required teaching stuff to their respective students.

Let’s all come together to save the career of our children.

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