Home Campus voice Dedicated to Rohith Vemula of HCU..

Dedicated to Rohith Vemula of HCU..


Yes, I don’t belong to the caste you are,

But that doesn’t make you superior.

You can torture me,
You can break me,
You can strip me,
You can stone me,
You can burn me, for my identity.

But I am not gonna stop,
My fight against this oppression is resolute.

You think I am feeble !
I am hefty and agile than those spineless intolerants.

You can’t weld my lips or shackle my pen,
You can’t crush my voice raised against injustice done.

Take my land, my loved ones,
I will meet them again in the dawn of eternal world

For all your oppression all these years,
I am not gonna shed tears.

I will stand tall,
I will stand proud,
I will revolt,
I will fight for freedom

No, I don’t belong to the caste that you are.
And I won’t regret or apologize for what I am.12573193_932873656767667_3130560593037967894_n