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Fake News Spreading Again That Najeeb Ahmed Joined ISIS


The incident of fake news of linking Najeeb Ahmed with ISIS is in full swing once again after his mother Fatima Nafees took upon PM Modi when he and his allies started campaigning as CHOWKIDAR.

Fatima Nafees asks a poignant question in her tweet

As we know very well that the age we breathe in is known for its doctored truth and manufactured lies! According to the report of Business Insider India, Microsoft survey report claimed that “India has more fake news than any other country in the world”. Alt News is the news web portal that daily performs its fact checking job excellently. The Alt News precisely checked the fact that NAJEEB AHMED who has being claimed that he had joined ISIS is not more than a shoddy propaganda.

We find hundreds of misleading and fake news shared by BJP ministers and even by the prime minister repeatedly through social media platforms and in public gatherings. Once Mr. Amit Shah said among his social media volunteers as reported in The Wire “We can keep making messages go Viral, whether they are real or fake, sweet or sour,”.

Recent viral claim that NAJEEB AHMED has joined ISIS which is being outspread by different BJP members is a false claim. According to the fact check report of Alt news “Alt News reverse searched the image and discovered that the photograph of ISIS fighters used along with the message claiming NAJEEB has joined ISIS, was clicked in the year 2015 by Reuters. We know that NAJEEB AHMED is missing from 2016 and the image which has gone viral is taken in 2015.

Role of different organizations and students of JNU

From the early days of his disappearance thousands of students staged demonstrations day in day out across the country. They demanded CBI investigation but when CBI failed to find Najeeb and is still a toughest job for the CBI. SIO had started a movement to find Najeeb Ahmed with his mother Fatima Nafees and got itself involved in the case directly. For being clueless about the case, Delhi High court had allowed the CBI to close the case. Finally, the CBI submitted closure report claiming that we could not find NAJEEB AHMED! Almost two years have completed after his disappearance, he has not been spotted.

Unanswered Questions!

The claim that Najeeb Ahmed has joined ISIS is made by ABVP members twice and being outspread by many BJP ministers, and debunked by the alt news both the times. The questions that I raised here are, on the basis of what sources they are claiming that he joined ISIS?  If it is really the case, why then CBI has said nothing about this news? CBI had early said they could not find any lead in this case! No government investigation agencies had claimed that he has joined ISIS. It would clearly mean that BJP members are doing the duty of CBI or following what AMIT SHAH had said to media volunteers! Instead of finding son of the helpless mother, shamelessly and collectively BJP has been caught lot of times with bare hands spreading fake and diverting the nation from truth for their greedy and petty politics. Many incidents took place in different central and state universities in India and it clearly indicates that Muslim students and specially marginalized are not safe in Indian universities. We can observe the fear and insecurity in the words of Fatima Nafees when she said “If I get my son, I will go back with him to my place, and not allow him study here.”  The horrific and extremely pathetic incident that shocked the entire nation when Rohit Vemula forced his soul to suicide. Why all these so-called nationalists are happily sharing hate and fake news and masquerading as patriots? Why they are dividing the great democratic nation and playing with the sentiments of people? After all these questions one more and most important question remains that if we keep mum and knowingly ignore the pain of victims, so the time is not faraway to turn our ignorance into worst!