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Between Hope And Despair : The Irreparable Cost of War Is Peace


There is nothing more marvellous, than the beauty of the moonlight.

Where you’re filled with serenity, with the final breaths of night.

I thought this to myself,  sitting in the balcony.

When the darkness began, to surrender to light.

As the sky above me, turned from black to orange.

There came a clamorous sound, loud and strange.

I shifted my radar, from the night sky to the ground.

And the sight which I beheld, broke my radar’s range.

There was battering and beating, and lynching and lashing.

The trees turned to ashes, and buildings came down smashing.

And as my balcony, surrendered to gravity.

I could wholly feel, my energy  crashing.

As I landed with a thud, my bones ruptured and air seemed too less.

My mind succumbed to my cracks, even before I could guess.

What I could hear with my closed eyes,  was people crying for their lives.

And sounds of pistols, missiles and grenades,  were all that my ears could access.

Even before I could know it was, a woman or a child asking for aid.

My ears lost their power, and every memory began to fade.

I prepared for my ultimate sleep,  conceding to my fidgety death.

And all of us a sudden, my alarm clock beeped; leaving my death betrayed.

It was just a dream, I sighed;thinking about the improbability of death.

But more than death, there was this thought; that made my consciousness fret.

What if my dream turns to reality, killing lives in heinous ways.

It’s not just me who’d suffer, war is such a global threat.

Squashing every species, and vanquishing the variety.

War is an invitation, to the country’s satiety.

Crushing dreams and bones, damaging the environment.

Death and destruction, of life and society.

War is such a destroyer, where ages of hardworking erode to scrap.

Where not just lives are deceived, but resources too are in trap.

Where people are butchered, and streets turn to graveyards.

Where magnanimity dies, and hopes become the lifeguards.

There’s screaming and screeching, groaning and yowling.

And when fires come to adorn, saplings burn in the backyards.

My dream made me realise, this one thing.

Damages and destruction, are what wars bring.

So one permanent solution, to have no more wars.

Is to tie knots of peace, is humanity’s string.

‘Cause peace is the saviour, that’d bring back serenity.

And help us live a life, full of tranquility.

Peace is devotion, to set foundations of love.

And peace has the light, guiding us to eternity.

So as my day passes by, I think of peace and its light.

And I turn my thoughts in poetry, as the day turns to night.

I wonder as I gaze, at the starry sight.

If I could ever say these lines:

There’s nothing more marvelous, than the beauty of the moonlight.