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“Let’s Visit Mosque”- An Initiative By A Mosque Is Winning Hearts of Non-Muslims


Muslims go and pray in masjid five times a day, seven days a week. This makes people of other faith wonder; why Muslims go inside the Masjid multiple times a day, every day.

India is very diverse country, wherein people of different religions/faiths, different ethnicities and different creed live, and practice their own way of life.

As mentioned above, non-Muslims wonder what we Muslims do inside the masjid. Solution for this issue is simple i.e. invite the local non-Muslims to the Masjid. Some people in Muslim community think that non-Muslims should not allowed to enter in Masjid. This concept is not in line with the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). At the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Jews and Christians could enter the Masjid.

Keeping that in mind, Masjid ‘Umar Bin Khattab’ which is situated in Soni Ni Chawl Road, Rahmat Nagar, Rakhial, Ahmedabad, took an initiative “Let’s visit the Mosque”, in which local non-Muslims were invited  to come and visit the mosque, observe what Muslims perform inside Masjid. People of different faiths can visit the Mosque and see live Wudu (ablution), live Namaz (prayer), meet the Imam of the Masjid, and discuss over Islam. Around 150 visitors came down to the Masjid.

There are panels put together inside the mosque on various themes like;

  1. Concept of God (Allah) in Islam
  2. What is Quran
  3. Quran encourages thinking
  4. Free will (All humans are given free will to choose his/her religion)
  5. Fair treatment with workers/servants
  6. Islamic banking (interest free banking)
  7. Suicide (Islam discourages this kind of act by any means)
  8. Do not spread rumors
  9. Communal hatred (Islam discourages these filthy acts)

We had range of panels as mentioned above. We engaged with our visitors positively with compassion. We are showing them every ritual which we perform in our prayers starting from wudu to offering namaz.

Volunteers performed each step of Wudu (ablution) slowly, so that the visitors may see the process itself. After Wudu, the visitors were taken inside the prayer area in the Masjid to show them Namaz. The concept of Namaz was explained to them. The volunteers performed Namaz step by step in front of them and then explained the concept of Duaa, in as how we can connect ourselves with the almighty God and ask Him for help.

The non-Muslims really loved the way we performed live Wudu and Namaz. We told the visitors about Imam (one who leads us in Namaz), how an Imam delivers his weekly sermons (Jumah Khutba), and how he is appointed. They really loved the fact that an Imam is appointed based on knowledge not based on any lineage.

Apart from Wudu (ablution) and Namaz (prayer), we explained to the visitors multiple Islamic traditions including the concept of God (Allah) we believe in, Quran’s guidance for humanity, the free will, and the afterlife. we also shared the prophetic traditions, for instance; ‘Love for people, what you love for yourselves’, Pay the worker his wages before his sweat has dried etc. We got phenomenal response from the public, they came inside the Masjid, and gave their valuable time to listen to our message.

Below are some photos from the mosque


  1. Very good initiative! The is an unique kind of idea to introduce the Islam and remove misconceptions about Muslim community. Every individual should be allowed to watch closely rituals of other faiths. Nice work being done by your team.