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What Makes Scary Plot Right-wing Students And Youth Play With!


They have been witnessed pelting stones, hurling abuses, and even resorting to violence at times. This week at DU’s Ramjas College, ABVP displayed what it has been doing all along. In past it has manhandled the Proctors, Vice Chancellors and Professors, went on the rampage at campuses.  It has always kept itself intact to its tradition of abuse and violence similar to what some of the left students unions have been doing in Kerala campuses. The younger generation of the right segment of the ideological narratives prevalent in the Indian political and social landscape is angry!

The rage that these youngsters carry, the envisage of a ultra-nationalist Union of India often termed as Akhand Bharat and the deeply rooted hate against anything other than themselves, and the things they possess make one think what is that which always keeps their spirits high on. Is it merely the hate that has been bred right from childhood all the way till they reach the stage in life where as Shakespeare asserts, they would embroider the shining morning faces, creeping like snails and unwilling to school!? Or there is something more to it. Analysts, Civil Society and those who care ought to peek into the curious case of these angry students and youngsters.

One might shudder how a boy turned into youth with ideological bonding armored with the privilege and luxury of being associated with a large fraternity of right-wing social, political and academic groups so tightly coupled than any other likewise group resort to violence, abuse and slandering!? Continuous failure in struggle for power is what makes one baffled, frenzy and violent. But here we have this group whose ideological fathers have made it to the ruling regime 34 months earlier. What followed were the surmounting hoards of right-wing socio-political organizations and NGOs which as it seems has not pacified the Akhila Bharatiya Vidya Parishad affiliates.

Is it the agony of their dreams of witnessing in the real what was the utopian canvas of Akhan Bharat getting shattered in the foreseeable future or they are just following the usual norm of abusing the power. Those of us glaring at all the brouhaha which has been unearthing on the Indian campuses in the recent years backed up by the gradual surge of right-wing politics might have to ask ourselves some basic questions. Is it only the fault of xenophobic literature that right-wing produces or even left too could be put under the dock for paving way for all the mayhem. Do the much adored NehruGandhian literature and public dialogues reverberating right from the Independence movement against British to the erstwhile non-alignment movement also grab any attention for the cynic selves among us?

Any argument that it tries to put forth to justify its angst has its connection to the left and the liberal class of the country. The notion that the right-wing is fighting against the left and liberal dominance in the country is itself problematic. It paves way for the disadvantaged, underprivileged and marginalized sections of the society to inadvertently land into the battlefield of ideological narratives of which they have no historical significance. It is time we draw proper lines and classify the ideologies and identities from a holistic perspective.

There are many responses to the less fateful episodes of violence by the students and youth of the right-wing. Only that which acknowledges it solemnly, addresses it right on the chord by calling it a spade, yet not leaving the other narratives from any responsibility, should be considered. For the love of peace, it is time that the academia and intelligentsia come wide and out, transparent, undeterred, unbiased, and unapologetic and fervor than ever to topple this menace.

Image courtesy: The Quint