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A Muslim’s Take On The Fake Nationalism And Its Cruel Face

Muslims pray after the last Friday prayers of the holy fasting month of Ramadan at the Jama Masjid (Grand Mosque) in the old quarters of Delhi July 25, 2014. REUTERS/Ahmad Masood (INDIA - Tags: RELIGION SOCIETY)

This article is purely a piece of deliberation on the happenings around us and an outburst to the opulence of news that find entry and residence into my head.

In the previous days, we have witnessed a lot of hearsay in context of Najeeb, Junaid, Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan and the list goes on and on. The newspapers were flooded with reports of such happenings and every social media platform overflowed with condolences, feedback and reactions to these. We’ve heard of the missing Najeeb case. Then started the cow – protection thing. Following it, was adhering to the divide and rule policy. And then began the still-not-ending series of mob lynching. Amidst all these happenings, here is what I could conclude with the information my mind could analyze and the deliberations it could conduct.

When we fulfill our innate thirst of knowledge with others opinions and perceptions rather than taking a dive ourselves in the oceans of knowledge, we hit upon pollutants and poison, rather than discovering pearls. Until and unless we find the answers to questions such as why Muslims are supposed to sacrifice a ruminant, we can’t blame Muslims saying that they are inhuman towards animals.

If people who support and initiate lynching are doing so in the name of cow protectors, I ask them about the manifestation of humanity in their souls. If they were really worried about animals, they should be against the sacrifice of all ruminants rather than one. And also, if such people think that they are supporting animals by killing humans who kill animals, I doubt on their being human.

I doubt on the existence of their humanity. I doubt on the possession of their so – called knowledge. Knowledge isn’t being brainwashed by your respectable elders. Knowledge is that every answer to that every eager question, that increases your depths of understanding towards the existence of a particular thing or action. Knowledge is the implementation of all such actions, which are derived from contemplation and logic, and not indoctrination and immorality.

True Knowledge is the product of deliberation and logic; which in turn is a reactant giving the product of the humanity trait. At this instant, when one doesn’t want to deliberate on what knowledge and logic is, it would be stupid on our part to expect the existence of humanity in them!

If saying some particular words make you an Indian; I ask, does killing the innocent make you human?  And then there are those of us who have got our brains washed with the so – called fact that Muslims are terrorists. I ask, if Muslims really were terrorists, being the second largest population of the country, India must have become a complete One Religion Country (of Muslims). Today, we have lost the essence of being human. We have lost the essence of being citizens of such a country that feels proud in calling itself ‘a nation of unity in diversity’. If Muslims were really terrorists, they would have killed all other religions rather than adorning the beauty of their own country with monuments and poetries that portray the magnificence of India and it’s united assortment.

Rightly said, terrorism has no religion.

Just because a mad, hungry tiger enters in the human territory, targets its prey and kills it to fulfill its hunger, does that mean we human beings would go around killing all the tigers around the world? (They’re already endangered, by the way!). Similarly if some mad, bloodthirsty groups of people target a territory and kill its residents (in the name of Islam, unfortunately) does that mean, we’ll kill all the Muslims of the nation? (They’re already minority, by the way).

If such inhumane acts continue thus fulfilling its goal of making India a One Religion Country (Of any other religion but Islam), I ask – would terrorism stop? Would corruption end? Is this how we fight terrorism and corruption? Is this the only way in which the so-called good would prevail over the so-called bad? What is the guarantee that once India becomes A One Religion Country, the brains of the staunch killers would turn into minds of peaceful human beings. In fact, such killings and such murderers are being noted down in history. Eventually, this history will be studied by the coming generations; thus bringing into their knowledge that their own ancestors were not against terrorists but were initiators of similar terror. They were not against terrorism, but religion. They were not against immorality, but humanity. And ultimately, the coming generations will put forth a question. Is lynching what a particular religion teaches? Is inhumanity what religion promotes? Is the absence of peace an initiation to a peaceful nation? What is the guarantee that a region with an exclusive religion won’t witness evils like bribery, gang rapes and poverty?

I repeat this again. Terrorism has no religion.

Terrorism is the seed that resides in that every mind which proposes to implement a wrongdoing.

It is not religion, but inhumanity that gives meaning to the definition of terrorism.

It is not the possession of knowledge but the ignorance of that knowledge that gives meaning to the definition of evil. Such people are not supporters of peace, but supporters of their own ego. They are not disciples of knowledge, but are disciples of ignorance. They are not followers of religion, but are followers of terrorism. As Muslims, we wholeheartedly respect every religion and every faith, but a particular person (belonging to any faith) deserves to be disciplined if he disrespects humanity.

If terrorism is a word that defines the prevalence of terror and killings; then what is the difference between those people who are named terrorists and those people who are not named terrorists but accurately define terror and killings.

The word terror itself makes our hearts beat at a faster pace. The word lynching creates a sense of insecurity in our minds. The word politics makes our mind associate with itself words like RAJ (dictatorship) and not democracy.

Even if you make the Muslims prostrate forcefully in front of anything else but Allah, or even if you make them blurt out some words (in the name of deshbhakti), their hearts would still beat for their Lord. Islam teaches a Muslim to live for Allah and die for Allah.

How come brainwashed minds become instruments to measure someone’s love for his or her nation? Why would not uttering a few words make you think that they don’t love and respect their nation?

Victims like Najeeb and Junaid have imprinted their names for fighting for their rights, standing for their religion and maintaining the peace of the nation. But the suspects and the murderers of these have surely imprinted their names in the history of the world, for proving the existence of inhumanity, portraying the criminal picture of their nation and killing innocent lives in the name of religion…

The love for your nation resides in the fact that you safeguard its people and protect them. The respect for your nation resides in the fact that you feel grateful to your Lord for blessing you with such a wonderful place to live in. The deshbhakti towards your nation resides in the fact that you always fight for its peace and harmony.