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And Now It Seems That Lynching Speaks


Where Muslims around the world have celebrated a happy occasion; For the Hindustani Muslim, here comes in the nation’s  history, a happy occasion in sad times… it isn’t just a heinous crime being committed throughout the nation, it is probably a wake up call for all the folks of our society to bring back the humanity that their souls have sold.


We always talk about the India of our dreams.

Today, let’s  talk about the same India and it’s scathing streets.

Where social animals define the law and ruminants control the society,

And innocents praying for peace and harmony seek no way to satiety.


Where the innocuous are brutally killed,

Merely for supposed suspicion.

And behind these gibbets lie barbarous mobs,

Brainwashed by tainted corruption.


Where humans thought of lowest caste,

Are stripped and hit with rods.

And every domain’s  every street,

Witnesses such crooks with similar plots.


Where not even public places seem safe anymore,

And skull capped juveniles are dragged out of trains.

And then one of the teen bleeds to death,

But the folks around seem to have lost their brains.


Where the office bearers aren’t worried to find him,

The university scholar who’s  missing since a bout.

And while all these tragedies strike the nation,

We have people who ask,”What’s  the fuss about?”


So these are the people who gifted us,

With a silent union that beholds mob lynching.

Not a place in the nation is left,

Where you’d  find people cringing and flinching.


And the social media floods with videos,

Uploaded by the noxious culprits lacking coy,

That simply shows their guts to slay the law,

And the exemption they enjoy.


And now it seems that lynching speaks,

More than most speeches do,

About the country’s  future and security,

And of people’s lives  rights and privileges too.


And in the end, what the world beholds,

Is Indians  killing other Indians,

And the ones who suffer at the hands of evil,

Again are Indians.


The soil of this nation has witnessed,

The blood of every caste and religion.

And we, the mortal beings, aren’t here to fight,

For the ownership of this region.


This is no more than nation where people die.

Here, dreams and humanity are dead.

This is not our same vibrant India,

Here, democracy gave in its last breath.


We have sold our souls to heedlessness.

We have misplaced our empathy.

Lynchings no doubt are excruciating,

But more painful is our apathy.


Why does the nation not realize,

That we haven’t merely lost people.

We have lost our humanity,

and have proved that our strength is feeble.


The consistency of such a crime,

Isn’t due to lawlessness.

The reason behind this is us:

The citizens and their listlessness.


The demolition of this diverse nation,

Seems to be painfully absolute,

If the attitudes of the educated,

And liberal folks remain obsolete.


It’s time we underestimate no more,

The power of stupid people in large groups,

Cruelty and inhumanity is what,

Clearly defines these barbaric troops.


It’s time we get off our comfort zones,

And speak up for the oppressed,

This s isn’t anymore a disparaging  concern,

That needs to be quashed and compressed.


Let’s stand up  and together  raise our voice,

Against these heinous lynching acts.

And put an end to this cruelty,

With justice, fairplay,  truth and facts.


Is mob Lynchings doesn’t wake us up,

and shake our conscience in any way,

All that we’re  upto is wait for a lynch mob,

To knock our doors and put us in dismay.


Let’s call out for a law against mob vigilantism,

That’d give us a breath of security,

And would help us fight off the other evils too,

To bring back to the nation, serenity.


  1. Youve outdone yourself!! Though its high time nation got consious about whats happening and how bad the outcomes would be if ignored this time..the way you explained is just too amazing..may allah (swt) increase you in knowledge and hope you bring more such awareness through your work..i hope there are more articles here on the companion that you have written and if its is then my time spent on reading them will surely be worthful…, from more power to you..bravo!! Jazakallah