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Our Education Makes Us A Cramming Bug

The education system neglects the fact that every student has his own abilities, own potential and own interests.


Modern education system teaches only concept of “mugging up. The modern education system in India is really disappointing. It is a true barrier to the country’s progress.

Students in India are expected to cram up the books, chapters and syllabus and write their answers accordingly. And the one who possesses this robotic memory is truly a topper! The stronger memory you have the bigger “Einstein” you are and everyone will appreciate you for that.

Indirectly, this way of schooling and education is ruining students’ creativity and thinking skills. The concept of Think outside the box isn’t much appreciated in the learning processes and schooling.

Students are taught to be excellent in theoretical knowledge but what about practical knowledge? In India, no importance is given to practical knowledge in schools. In many schools, a subject like Computer is taught orally and students are told to mug up the question/answers of their textbooks. How Humorous this is..! Even the literal meaning of notebooks has changed. Notebooks aren’t used for making notes; instead they are considered as the “mug-up books” , students have to cram up each and every word of the limited question/answers in their notebooks for getting good grades.

The main emphasis of “Being a STUDENT” is to achieve good marks, good percentage either by hook or by crook. Or else the society would disrespect you for not achieving good marks and good percentage. And hence, rote learning plays a vital role in education system. To many people, the lack of practical knowledge seems to be the real reason behind educated unemployed youth in India. Yes because it’s not Indian education system it’s completely “Indian Scam System”

Long school hours and homework, tuitions etc. make a student’s life stressful. Teachers as well as parents have high expectations from students and if they fail to meet their expectations, these tender minds have to deal with depression and trauma. The education system neglects the fact that every student has his own abilities, own potential and own interests.

Recently when the Apple Co-founder visited India on 27th Feb, he said:

The culture here is one of success based upon academic excellence, studying, learning, practicing and having a good job and a great life. That’s a lot like Singapore study, study, work hard and you get an MBA, you will have a Mercedes but where is the creativity? The creativity gets left out when your behavior is too predictable and structured, everyone is similar”.

When a person gives us the suggestion for changing ourselves, we Indians are never ready to accept our mistakes, and can never adjust the blame, no matter how good it is for us.

Yes, TALENT is lacking in our country. It’s only because of our parents discouraging us towards our areas of interest and they discourage us by saying there’s no career in your field of interest “what will society think”. It’s good to a certain extent that they think about our future but they are not aware that the other courses also have good future and can lead a happy life. It’s your responsibility to convince your parents that there are many other options available to lead a successful life. Don’t join in the place where you are not interested, because your friend took engineering don’t join in that way. Go towards the path where you are capable of proving yourself to be leading a self satisfied life. Always work for yourself not for the sake of others.

Yes, it’s intelligence plus character- which must be the goal of education. But today’s youth is not giving priority to character by making wrong relationships and sometimes disrespecting their own parents. It’s the responsibility of our teachers for teaching character, caring, values, as we teach for grit. Then everyone will become a good student and will be faithful to each other.

The true quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labor, exploitation and disease and give them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to reach their full potential.

How Will You Convince the Upcoming Generations that  education is the key to success.  When the world is surrounded by poor Graduates and rich criminals.