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Ramzan In Lockdown, I Bid Adieu To You In Tears


Ramzan in Lockdown?

That’s how it began!

Worries of masjids being locked

Queries of essentials being stocked


Days passed,so did the nights

The congregations(Taraveeh) at home…

Ah! What a beautiful sight!

The online dars, an absolute delight!


The sehri… the iftars together

Making the best of the duas for each other

The online study circles and discussion plan

Word-by-word learning of the Holy Qur’an


With little ones around

Testing our patience

We hardly had a choice

But to look after…in full attendance


The look-out for Night of Power(Lailatul Qadr)

The ibadah and the zikr in fervour

Ramzan has never been the same before

Turning out to be truly pleasant and much more


Ramzan in Lockdown – A beautiful surprise

A lovely blessing that came in disguise

As you leave behind memories to cherish

I pray for our Imaan to grow and flourish


Ramzan! I bid adieu to you in tears

May Allah accept our worship and our prayers

May our supplications reach the heaven

May we witness many more Ramzan again!