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Revoke The Ban On Students Union In State Universities: SIO Telangana


If Telangana is to progress on sustainable lines and dreams of its people is to be realized, it must cast away all these issues. Issues such as being educationally challenged, socially discriminated, economically handicapped, morally decayed and politically paralysed are some among many.

It is a sad situation that in our state half a million children don’t go to school. Around half of the state’s population is illiterate. Even those who come under the sphere of literates lack the content of morality. The heinous face of this scourge got exposed in the recent drug scandal in Tollywood.

Social discrimination continues to haunt the social spectrum of the state. Machinery of bonded labouring and Joginis continue to crush the downtrodden classes. According to BSE and CMIE report, Telangana has the third highest level of unemployed graduates. It’s not just the unemployment but even the gap between the rich and the poor is appalling. The crime statistics show on what disastrous path the state is treading. Rape cases have increased by 6%, while the cases of bodily offences have shot up by 34%, needless to mention the crimes against women.

In this regard, SIO Telangana is going to launch a campaign across the state at Hyderabad in the month of September 2018. The theme of the campaign is “Telangana Youth Quake 2018 “Questioning Present Envisioning Future”. SIO calls upon youth to realize the gravity of the situation and their significance at this critical juncture.

Mr. Laeeq Khan, state president of SIO Telangana, has raised the issues of reservation, ban on students union and abuses of human rights. The statistics from Sachar Committee, Rannath Mishra Commission, Sudhir Committe, and Kundu Committee,  all point towards educational backwardness of Muslims in the state. We demand the government to execute the promised 12% state reservation for Muslim community immediately by following the example of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Laeeq said.

Right to union is a constitutional right and it is the essence of democracy. Post-bifurcation in 2014, it was unanimous call of all student organisations to lift the ban on students union elections in state universities of newly formed Telangana. But the ban still persists. Call for revoking the ban was another issue which was raised.

Human rights violation is a matter of serious concern and danger to rule of law in the state, in particular, and across the country in general. Lynching of Muslims has become a new normal post BJP rule at the center in 2014. At the meeting of SIO conducted at NSS Club, Hyderabad, the demand of stringent punitive measures was raised to the authorities. SIO wants to ensure the social peace.