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The ecstasy of friendship

Who will speak of a friend? Who will be the friend in speaking? In silence friend comes: lives, loves and leaves. The friend is one who confirms and confronts, one who shares laughter and tears, a friend is absent yet always present. Friend is one who completes memory.

Friend is never left behind. One who is left behind is the ghost of the friend. A friend walks together, evolves together, share what is created together. One who no longer walks together, one who is stagnant, one who does not move is no more a friend – That is left behind, it’s the ghost of the friend which calls, which invokes the memory – the friend is not there.

The friend is ‘here’ – always – forever. A friend is whom with thought, ideas, life, experience, emotion expands by each passing moment. A friend confirms the beauty in us, a friend challenges what is wrong in us – both in the friendly way – without sycophancy, without bitterness. In friendship everything is light, everything soothes, everything passes smoothly: criticism or compliment.

Who is the beloved then? Where is it? Outside friendship?

No, not at all. A beloved is the highest form of friendship where friendship converges from all impossible directions. The constant movement is the beloved’s friendship. Beloved: A friend with whom we travel quickly and smoothly. A lover is a friend and every friend is a lover. Love is a way of realising self. A friend is the ultimate source of that realisation. The ultimate of the ultimate is the beloved or in that friend is the beloved.

Friendship is to be cherished in order to attain love – love of the impossible – where grand meaning opens up – where one discovers new world. Friendship is the passageway to love or the soil which holds the seed of love.

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  1. Wonder if the friendship as envisaged possible by living creatures? The implying features of infallibility, continuity, unbounded by time and space can only be attributed to divine.