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Tribute To Savitribai Phule


Years ago, when the battles were on,
To raise the woman power, a girl child was born.

Married off, when she was nine years old,
Still young to understand life, yet she proved to be bold.

Taught by her husband, to read and write,
She gradually turned out, smart and bright.

Among the few literate women, of her days,
She became the first female teacher, and opened new ways.

When people hardly identified, grievances against women,
She took the first stand, and stepped out of her den.

Enduring a lot of abuse, by the orthodox society.
For the so-called untouchables, she stood like a tree.

Challenging the question of caste, and gender in isolation.
She worked her very best, to ward off discrimination.

Founder of, the first women’s school in the country,
She challenged every norm, for gender equality.

Serving at her clinic, the suffered of bubonic plague,
She herself became a victim, as she put her life at stake.

Etched in our hearts, will be her advices for education,
And her thought provoking poetry, against discrimination.

The weak and the marginalised, she worked for their upliftment,
The nineteenth century pioneer, she worked for our country’s betterment.

The first generation modern feminist, she was,
Successful in all she did, an idealist she was.

He life was a dedication, to build a movement for gender equality.
So, on this day, let’s remember her, for grabbing that new opportunity!