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[Video] Unabated SFI Hooliganism In Kerala Campuses


One of the leading students organisations in Kerala campuses is Students Federation of India (SFI), the student wing of Communist Party of India (Marxist). These campuses have experienced many episodes of conflicts and brutalities among different students organisations.

Below we reproduce a short video on SFI campus rowdyism. This video is an expression of the victims, inflicted upon by the fascist outfit called SFI which has depicted freedom and democracy in its flag while at the same time it destructs democracy, justice and all other human values in the campuses where they possess power and supremacy. This is the story of the Stalinist terrorism which has been implemented in Kerala campuses since last two and half decades. RED REPUBLICS, as the name denotes shows the anti-Dalit face of the SFI which seeks sympathy, raising the Dalit identity of Abhimanyu who was SFI leader of Maharajas College, Cochin, allegedly killed by CFI members recently. While they boast of as the messiahs of minority communities against Hindutva Terror, this video also shows the anti-Muslim side of SFI which is campaigning with slogans like “Down with Communalism” in the context of Abhimanyu Murder.

Video credits Lukhmanul Hakeem

Short description written by C Ahamed Fayiz.