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[Watch] If Only They Knew Muhammad


The history of slandering and mocking the Prophet is not new. It runs right from the days of revelation to days now. The Quran tells us of how the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was called with bad names such as insane, mad (majnun), magician (sahir), liar (kadab), imposter. However, the prophet did not respond to them but with good conduct and highest moral behaviour. Below is a poem in response to the recent cartoon controversy on the Prophet. The poem has been produced by OnePath Network. The Companion republishes it with the intention of spreading the teachings of the Prophet. The transcript of the video has been written by Noora Salam.

Dear Muhammad ﷺ

I’m really hurt today and my heart’s in a lot of pain. They have been drawing you and calling you the most awful of names.

I’m not sure why they dislike you, I honestly can’t explain.

I mean, there is so much they could’ve learned from you, it really is such a shame.

If only they knew who you really were, I’m sure then things wouldn’t be the same.

If only they saw your face or if only they saw your smile, If only they saw the way you cared for the orphan child, If only they knew how you made me feel even as a little girl, how you taught me that I mattered in such a cruel dark world.

Perhaps if they knew how you stood against those who buried their daughters alive and how you taught us the best of mankind, were those who were best to their wives.

Perhaps if they read about your life and heard the same stories I was told.

The way you showed mercy to the young and had respect for the old.

The way you spoke with gentleness, and how rarely you would scold.

How you treated your family with love and all those ties you’d uphold.

The way you taught us to be kind to our parents, especially our mother or the way you taught us to treat others well and to serve one another or maybe how you taught us we were all equal regardless of our colour or maybe if they heard of the way you made people feel in times they were down.

How you made everyone feel special, whenever you were around or how you befriended the weak and sat with the poor and how you taught us to never go to sleep if our neighbours were hungry next door.

Or how you cared for this world it’s animals, it’s trees and taught us to not waste water even at a running stream.

Or how you stood against corruption and you fought against greed.

Perhaps maybe then they could see, how much we’re in need.

Or maybe if they read how much it hurt you to see a bird panicking in distress.

As it came to you complaining, knowing full well you were a man who protects, for you were a man who stood against injustice and fought for the oppressed, yet a man who was still able to forgive those who had harmed him on the day of conquest.

If only they had read maybe then they’d understand, that Muhammed (S.A.W) isn’t just any ordinary man.

The greatest to walk this Earth. If only they knew, maybe then Oh Messenger they would then love you too..

Video credits: OnePath Network