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What Makes A Sane Indian Youth To Not Work For Justice For Asifa And Many Like Her


Today, most of us are neglecting this very important aspect.

Several questions arise:

Why India is silent? Who will give justice to Asifa? Why are the criminals not being punished? Why are the accused being supported?

And we try to find answers to these questions – somewhere in religion, caste, gender, politics and what not!


The answers to these questions don’t lie here into the first place.

These answers are hidden in the kind of knowledge and moral education we give to our youth.

At that age, when a young lad is supposed to deilberate and contemplate on the happenings of everything that surrounds him – the world, the nature, the people around him; he is brainwashed with all the traditions and customs of the world.

At that age when a young lad is supposed to discover the meaning of life and the existence of individuality; his mind is fed with notions like ‘You Only Live Once’ and ‘ Life Is Short’.

And as he matures he blindly begins to follow all of that stuff which he is brainwashed with.

His mind being fed with all such filth and all such notions, he tries to run behind all the good and evil pleasures and fulfill all of his good and evil desires – because that’s what he is taught!

To all the parents reading this,

To the youth of this generation reading this  who’ll be parents someday,

The future of the world lies in your hands!

Let your children contemplate.

Allow them to deliberate on everything

Let them question the existence of everything.

Allow them to find answers to those questions.

Never teach them to be judgemental regarding any matter.

And Never let their minds become opinionated regarding anything.


Teach them, how actions speak louder than words!

Teach them, that age doesn’t define maturity!

Teach them, what defines a good character!

And teach them, what humanity is!

And that day will soon be near,

When the wings of humanity

Would glide in the peaceful skies

To spread the message of a revolution

That promises to make the world

A happier place!