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When Raihan Was Shot, Ankit & Dharmender Took Him To Hospital

Charred vehicles during anti Muslim violence in Delhi 2020| Sariful Alam

In times when the Hindutva has emboldened and unleashed violent gruesome attacks on the people in the North east parts of Delhi, some soothing stories of support, and care from the neighbours are also emerging, from the field visits by SIO Delhi team. Below are two stories of such kind. 

They shot me while chanting “Jai Shri Ram” and the very followers of Ram Ankit Sharma and Dharmindar had taken me to the hospital. Who were these goons and how is their Ram different than that of my friends”?

This is a question posed by Raihan who was shot with four bullets at 10:30 PM, the night of 25th Feb in North Ghonda.

When SIO Delhi Team met him, he told them that he was returning home when the mob chanted Jai Shri Ram and shot him. The violence had escalated to an extreme level such that even the police had not appeared before me for help. After being shot, he dragged himself home hoping to seek help, and when he did the ambulances were nowhere around. He called upon his friends Ankit Sharma and Dharmindar, who took him to the Shastri Hospital first and then from there unto LNGP, where he was operated. Four bullets were found inside him.

Raihan says  “these riots are the doings of those who embody hate to spread hatred and corrupt the environment. These people don’t belong to any religion, they are ones who seek political gains from the blood of the innocent”.

Yet another testimony the team had found restored faith in humanity. A cry for help was gone unheard, bound to fall into deaf ears.

“It is barely a month since two of my sons had got married at this very home. Happiness and love were flourishing in it when suddenly; in a blow it was turned to dust. The three-storeyed house has been charred to ashes, there is nothing worthy of living here. I am leaving this home and locality now. I can’t live here anymore.”

These are the words of Haji Sitar Sahib who lives in Gadhi Mendu.

When the riots started on 24th February. he escaped along with his family to a relative’s home. A non-Muslim neighbour kept him updated with the news of the destruction of his home. He was constantly updating them of the order their property was being vandalised. The mob had broken down the lock and had looted their appliances like refrigerator, TV, AC before setting it ablaze. Haji Sahib called the police and administration, but it was of no use. Finally, after some time he received abhorring news that his home had turned to ash particles though his neighbour had fought hard to prevent it from happening.

This dignified Muslim who had never asked for a penny from anyone was now forced to live in Samoday Bhavan (shelter home). They can’t spend the night in their home as memories haunt them. Hence they repair their home in the day and then return to Samoday Bhavan in the night. He has however decided to leave the area, his house along with the bitter memories of hate, the shattering of human dignity and the betrayal of trust.