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A Man Shots At Anti-CAA Protesters, One Student Injured


Horrifying as it is, a gunman shot fire at anti-CAA protesters who were marching to Rajghat to commemorate Ghandhi. In the incident, one student is reported to have injured. The injured student is identified as Shadab.

The unidentified man was seen doing what Anurag Thakur said during a “pro caa” rally, “desh k gaddaron ko, goli maaro saalon ko”. The gunman was heard shouting ” yeh lo azaadi”. All this happened in the presence of Delhi police, who were standing barely few meters away.

It was in the month of December, barely a month ago, when the Jamia University was attacked by the police personnel. Police barged into the campus, threw tear gas shells in the library where students were busy studying, and not taking part in the anti-CAA protest. This was also alleged that bus was set ablaze.

On Thursday, 30th January, again the peaceful protest was attacked.

Since the passing of the controversial Citizenship Bill, students of Jamia have been protesting. It has emerged a one of the biggest protest sites, in addition to AMU in Uttar Pradesh.

The Companion has been able to speak to one eye-witness of the incident. You can watch the video