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Dear All

With heart filling euphoria, The Companion announces its Campus Journo program. This is an internship program for all those who want to give voice to their campus, their thoughts, who want to share their views on what happens/is happening in their schools, colleges and universities. For you The Companion is a right choice to start ground-zero journalism and give power to your voices, views, concerns and convictions. Do not wait for another day, fill a simple form which will take hardly a minute to complete, and start your journey of intellectual writings.

We would be more than happy to work and grow with you all. We mention below some of the things that you being a campus journo can do. Note that the list is not exhaustive and we are always open to your suggestions and feedback, so that your voices can be given more power.
1) As you know this is an internship program and its duration is all your preference; choose either quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly; where you are supposed to write on happenings/events/issues/problems and initiatives at your campus, at least thrice in a month.
2) The topics you choose to write about are free to cover a large number of campus happenings from seminars, protests, new initiatives, your own stories, experiences and campus events, discussions, campus politics etc.
3) Looking at the present scenario of the country any case of discrimination, on the basis of anything; gender, caste, region, religion or ethnicity should be in our priorities. Cases of sexual harassment should be brought into public so that victims may meet the justice.
5) These can be in the form of a regular article stories, interviews, photos, videos, caricatures, cartoons or any thing suitable at hand.
6) You will be awarded an internship certificate at the end of program, depending on your duration of engagement with The Companion.
Dear friends, The Companion is a platform which provides space to students and the youth of the Indian society. Indian campuses must get national attention and The Companion brings an opportunity for you to break ice and give voices to your campus and your thoughts. We look forward to a healthy association with you all.

Let’s speak up!! Voicing together !!