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CBI Didn’t Even Open The Case, How Can They Submit A Closure Report: Fatima Nafees


Against two years of enforced disappearance of Najeeb Ahmed, the JNU student who was attacked by ABVP members due to his Muslim identity, a protest march from Mandi House to Parliament in New Delhi was organised by the United Against Hate at the behest of Fatima Nafees, Najeeb’s mother, and Radhika Vemula, the mother of Rohith Vemula. The march attracted a massive influx of people from different campuses, activists, and politicians from various parties including Congress, RJD, SP, CPI, WPI , IUML and CPI-ML. Students leaders of JNU, JMI, AMU and others also participated in the march.

Saira Bano, the mother of Junaid Khan who was mob-lynched by cow-vigilantes, Fatima Nafees, and Radhika Vemua spoke at the event.

Addressing the gathering, Saira Bano said they will fight until Najeeb is brought back. These people who try to scare us will never be able to stop us because we are going to fight for the justice till our last breathe. This government is doing complete injustice to the people by leaving culprits free and running behind and torturing the innocent. She also mentioned that the culprits of Akhlaaq and Junaid are still not taken into the custody.

CBI and the current ruling government and the PM should feel ashamed of themselves because they are not able to feel the pain of a mother. They are in an illusion that they are going to rule forever but forgetting the fact that they were elected by the people , for the people and if they continue doing the injustice to the people then they will surely see their downfall very soon.

Fatima Nafees expressed her thanks to all the people who are standing with her and supporting her , the people of Jamia,  JNU, SIO and every single person. She mentioned that all the supporters are her strength and have accepted her as their mother. So she’s assured that they will definitely help her in finding her son Najeeb.

In 2019, the current government will surely see its downfall and there will be a big change which will give back people their happiness and the freedom  to live their lives according to their wish.

She also hopes that the words and pain of a mother reach to the government.

And she also mentioned that earlier she challenged the government who talks about “Sabka saath, sabka vikaas”, to support her and stand with her, to actually show  the people what they mean by their slogan. But she did not get any support and said that “Sabka saath, sabka vikaas” is nothing but a fake show off.

Speaking about CBI she mentioned that, the CBI did not even open the case then how can they submit the closure report. She said that, the CBI is working on the commands of the present government and she requested them that if they cannot do justice with their work then it’s better for them to submit their resignation.

She requested the people to stand always with her as she feels that they all are her strength and she believes that to her everyone is like her son, NAJEEB and also requested the people to lend their support to more people like her who cannot reach Delhi. There are many women like her who need their support. People who understand the pain of a mother will surely support them.

She said that their fight will be going on even if they have to fight till their last breath, they will. She requested the supporters to take some rest and think about their next step when the CBI submits the closure report.

She challenged the government by saying that, “A woman is challenging them. If they are shameful for their acts then their benefit lies in serving justice to the people.”