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The Zephyr from Karbala


The One who reminds us of our ideals amidst the turmoil and turbulence.

Moharram a month of Islamic Hijri calendar reminds us about the legendary sacrifice in the path of Truth and Justice. Looking around, its  astonishing on how this month of Moharram is viewed and what message do the people draw. Two powerful forces form a front in upholding their doctrines. One group forms a potent practice of celebrating this month, and the other side we find a countering group of radically literate whose comprehension lacks wisdom.

The martyrdom of Imam Hussain was not just the loss of Muslims but it was the loss for the entire world who continue to suffer from tyranny and tyrants. Let us not limit ourselves to the ritualistic celebration of Moharram just by citing the coincidence of liberation of Moses and his people from Pharaoh, and the anchoring of Noah’s ark. What remains firmly and contemporary to the people globally is the incident that took place in the month of Moharram and the place called Karbala.

Imam Hussain a simple Muslim with profound personality, perhaps sacrificed his life not just as mere act of gaining martyrdom, but a strong ideology and need for resurgence cannot be ignored. Though there were many upheavals in the political history of Islam, nevertheless there were group of Islamic Revivalist who always felt an immediate need for upholding the sanctity of Islam and State.

The martyrdom of Imam Hussain was not just the loss of Muslims but it was the loss for the entire world who continue to suffer from tyranny and tyrants.

When I say about Islam, let us not limit ourselves with very meagre Islamic practice. Worship has always filled in the vacuum created in upholding the message of Islam in true spirit. Over ages we lost the message and confined all our might to the least of worship gratifying ourselves with the promise made with God. Those basic pillars of Islam faint if these population fail to comprehend the illuminating spiritual message with Islamic worship. Never can we ignore the wisdom and planning of Almighty God, we may wonder sometimes what message we should seek with the martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

Whether a person testifies on the oneness of God or not,  agrees or disagrees on the divinity of Prophet Mohammed and Words of God i.e. Quran, Imam Hussain stood for all those who believed that Peace, Justice and Unity is the birth right of every individual unconditionally. This message does not fade away with the drying of his blood in Karbala and with the blending of flesh and bones in the sturdy soil. His message is neither justified by mere hearing and recalling the narrative incidents nor by flagellating the body inflicting pain. These measures are just temporary and it can nowhere match the life and message of Imam Hussain. Though he bade farewell to us countable centuries ago, his message is still felt today. Worthless celebration and refutable claims takes away the core message that Imam Hussain considered it to be necessary. The mediocre class of people don’t see the spirit of his message, and the noetic people are chronic to lunacy. Both these class of people have brought catastrophic disgrace to the foundation and reaffirmation of Islam and state. Improvident and knowledge evolved out of sheer ignorance have become the capital of their manifestation of religion.

Possibly divine words of God  always obtruded the whole personality of Imam Hussain. Almighty God says:

“Stand firm in Justice even if it goes against yourselves or your parents and relatives.”  Quran 4:135.

This young noble man just didn’t stand against Yazid who moulded the state as per his whims and wishes claiming the Supreme authority over the state, but the greater message is unveiled by raising the degree of our intellect and ponder sincerely, we will be drawn towards the illuminating message that we have always missed and neglected. Let us not look at Yazid as a personality but as phenomena. These phenomenon have existed in the past and are still present today. Tyranny does not end with the death of tyrants. People and Scholars present their views and arguments with the whole episodes from the demise of our beloved Prophet Mohammed, the four great caliphs and the tragic death of Imam Hussain. This great Imam Hussain stood against the tyranny, the evil ideologue that infiltrated Islam and the State and the perils that was engulfing. To him life was just a journey testifying the true spirit of Islam. Nowhere can we find any elements craving for worldly fame and pleasures.

This philosophy is still relevant in our country who wanted to liberate themselves from the clutches of tyranny and tyrants. To make it more lively, let us take an example of Indians who have succeeded in pushing out the tyrant British, but we still continue to suffer from the various forms of evils arising from Neo-Imperialism. The martyrdom of Imam Hussain reminds every individual who uphold the value of Freedom and Justice.

The zephyr from Karbala still travels throughout the world. The message so refreshing has inspired great leaders of this contemporary world. How fortunate were Mahatma Gandhi, Charles Dickens, Edward Gibbon, Victor Hugo, Tolstoy and many familiar faces and strangers have taken the message and added values with the purpose of life.

In every Uprising,

In every Sobbing,

In every Clamant,

In every Iniquity

In every Atrocities

In every Turmoil

The voice of the people amalgamates with the message of Imam Hussain…

“Wisdom will not be completed except by following the Truth.”- Imam Hussain.

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Farukh Shaikh
A student of Psychology, he enjoys learning in crisis and often sets off for a long ride on a cruiser bike. He chucks out himself from the orthodox religious community yet maintain the substance of spirituality. Often found engaging with students with their issues and brilliant ideas, and when at peace silently prays to god for granting Intellectual Sustenance. He is currently based in global town 'Manipal'.