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We Are Protesting To Live With Dignity, Not To Die With Fear: Asma Khatun At Raj Bhavan Blockade

We are protesting to live with dignity, not to die with fear", said Asma Khatun at the protest.

Asma Khatun

“We are leading anti-CAA protests to live forward with dignity, not to die with fear”- these were the undaunted words of the revolutionary shero of Delhi Shaheen Bagh,  Beevi Asma Kahtun. She was talking at the ‘Occupy Raj Bhavan’ protest organised by Welfare Party Kerala against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The blockade of Raj Bhavan which began by 7 am on Tuesday, will continue for 30 hours. The Occupy Raj Bhavan – a siege – has been inaugurated by Asma Khatun. “Citizenship Amendment Act is a project to deny citizenship only to the Muslim community. We mothers have begun the protest and struggle, when the student protests were suppressed at Jamia Millia Islamiya. Therefore, the protest will continue until this Citizenship Amendment Act is withdrawn, said Asma Khatun.

The protest gathering was inaugurated by handing over the Constitution to the student Leader Ayesha Renna.

Hameed Vaniyambalam, State President of Welfare Party presided over the Inaugural Session.”Sangh parivar and Police are together conducting Genocide at Delhi”, he said. They are trying to suppress protests, by  turning social movements into bloody Riot grounds. Anti CAA protests are peacefully going on all over the nation. But, Sangh parivar goons are attacking them with weapons and gun, with all support from Police.

Inaugurating the protest

Delhi is currently witnessing  genocide, especially targeting Muslim areas, houses, and commercial complexes . It’s very clear that goons who are attacking anti-CAA protestors are facilitated by police and authority. They are the ones who have attacked and shot, he added.

“The government and national media are trying to portray recent happenings in Delhi as a conflict between anti CAA protesters and  pro CAA supporters. The conspiracy  to sabotage people’s struggle by turning it into riots, has to be realized and countered”.  Ayesha Renna, one among the pioneers of student Movement in Jamia told in Keynote address delivered at the gathering.

Shri M.M Hassan (KPCC former president), KPA Majeed (General Secretary, IUML), M P Adoor Prakash , Rasak Paleri , Dr. Ansar Aboobakkar , K Haneefa and Jabeena Irshad were also addressed the inaugural gathering