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BENCH? Yes! You heard it right!

A word so simple but is each one’s plight

Making the team lead frown,

And the manager lose his crown,

With raising eyebrows and wrinkled forehead

Bench!! Not a mind soothing word when said


Each week begins with the projection of hours,

Mails and mails saying ‘I have NO hours’,

Effort upon effort to reduce the number,

A tough job indeed for every team member


And then comes a day at the end of the week,

A Friday – to claim the hours at the peak,

In a hush hush, a rush for approval

Resulting in a constant disapproval


A final moment with a sign of relief,

When everything goes calm and still with a true belief,

Yes! I claimed the timesheet

A feeling cheering the wonderful feat…


Bench! Bench! Bench!

A thirst which doesn’t seem to quench!