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It is better to buy online


Some years ago, purchasing something online was seen as madness.  India’s e-commerce marketplace is growing at hasty speed which can be understood from the uprising number of e-commerce firms in India. And they are balancing well between the growing customer base, expanding market and client confidence. The idea of e-tailing is very innovative to uplift the sales of your product as when it comes to today’s generation, the younger generation follows the way. So there is a huge demand for the products or can say similar products which are in trend! And the trend comes basically from big shot actresses/actors, businessmen/businesswomen etc. The E-tailing provide the similar products at an affordable price for the one, who wants to follow today’s trend along with the cheaper cost. It is like getting your dream products designed at an economical rate. And these e-commerce firms are balancing well between the growing customer base, expanding market and customer trust. The consumers today are more rational, and their common sense says, if you are getting a product at lower price comparatively, going and buying from the market which involves the transportation cost for it is better to buy online! E-commerce firms provide customers with the most effective, attractive and enjoyable online shopping experience.

A news about e-commerce battle, the Indian stakeholders- eBay, snap deal, flip kart, mantra, amazon to name a few  are under the trap of conflict. The strategy followed to grab the market is more or less similar, simply cut down in profits to increase customer base, grow in size, eat up market share and in the process kill your competition. Due to these cold war between the e-commerce firms, consumers are benefitted by getting the goods and services with a lottery in terms of cheaper rates, special discounts and offers. Rivalry inside the E-firms are not only increasing the quality of the good, but providing simultaneous benefits to consumers by increasing their excess.