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The creation cannot be separated from its Creator

Though science does not rely on declarations one should have some evidence for or against anything. In the same way, agnostics would say, “I have no evidence for God or any kind of God.” But they would also accept that they have no right to make the final statement they have no idea about. “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.”


In the 21st century of advanced technology, hardcore secularism, and naturalistic inclinations, questioning and disbelieving some supernatural power is seen as a new cool and reflects pseudo-intellectualism. Though in reality, disbelief in the existence of God itself defies intellect, morality, rationality, science, and human nature. Atheists and philosophical materialists have always been keen on denying the existence of things that don’t fit into their limited perception of existence. The presence of some higher power of God is always on top of their list of targets for denial or denialism. 

The west claims itself as the most civilized and progressive society in the world. But in reality, this civilization and progressiveness drag them into the pit of immorality. According to western thinkers, either there is no God or a God whose instructions mirror human wants. Humans make their own decisions and expect and declare them to be accepted by God(s) and their religion, thereby negating the fundamental point of worshiping a single God and practicing a religion. As if there is either no God at all or a God whose words are the words of humans. 

Thus, Muslims are expected to distance themselves from the faith they possess and push atheism down to their throats in order to come under the compass of ‘progressive’ citizens. It is like choosing the items given in the menu, but you cannot make a fundamental choice and switch from the wrong path to the right path. Such stupidity of western liberal approach and ethos lies in the belief that materialistic progress is the sole way for Human development. Not entirely, but yes, philosophical liberalism — from which the idea of religious freedom originates — can subtly but considerably distort Muslim belief and misguide otherwise faithful believers.

A prize-winner theoretical physicist, Marcelo Gleiser, in an interview, said atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method and his position is totally against the “New atheists” because atheists are unscientific. He said it is a categorical statement without any proof that conveys belief in non-belief. An atheist declares that “I don’t believe even though I have no evidence for or against, simply I don’t believe.”

Though science does not rely on declarations one should have some evidence for or against anything. In the same way, agnostics would say, “I have no evidence for God or any kind of God.” But they would also accept that they have no right to make the final statement they have no idea about. “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” 

Atheists can use casuistry or academic standard to gain superiority but when their arguments are crumbled, it seldom amounts to farcical statements like the universe coming from nothing or creating itself. When the question of the existence of God or the creation of the universe arises, atheism is refuted with merely a verse of the Holy Quran. There could be three possibilities for the source of all creations as stated in the Holy Quran

“Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain.” (Surah At-Tur 52:35-36)

The first statement that the universe came from nothing is irrational because nothing within the universe came from nothing, so it is delusive to believe that the universe originated from nothing. It is apparent and simple to understand that anything that starts to exist cannot come from anything. It’s indeed logically impossible for the universe to have emerged out of nothing without any purpose, motive, or force. The daily cycle of life, as well as the cosmos we see and observe, indicate that there must be an explanation at some level.

Then the second statement comes into question that “or were they the creators.” This means that did universe create itself. This is as illogical as saying that the universe came from nothing. It is a paradox because it is simply not possible that the universe existed and did not exist at the same time. Besides, if there is no creator, then the universe must have created itself. This is even more absurd and baseless; how can something that does not exist create anything?

Because everything that exists must have a beginning at some point, the universe cannot have existed in an infinite chain of causes or infinite regression. Moreover, contemporary science and cosmogony propose the “Big bang theory,” which claims that the universe originated billions of years ago from a singularity.

Allah encompasses the knowledge of everything. He precisely knew what he was creating, how to create it and put it in the movement without any flaw. The material things we see and observe around us are testimony to order and its intelligent design. The preciseness of the earth’s orbit is another example of Allah’s order and its perfect design. He says in the Holy Quran, 

“The sun and the moon [move] by precise calculation” (Surah Ar-Rahman 55:5)

The place where earth sits is known as the “Goldilocks Zone”, because it is inch-perfect. If the earth was even a bit closer to the sun, the sun could burn up the planet. If the earth moved away from the sun, it could be too cold for humans to survive. Even the slightest alteration in the earth’s tilt could cease the life on the earth. The unbending fact that the entire universe along with its matter, characteristics, laws and order would come from nothing and form into the vast, complex, and amazing world should be more than enough for any sane and reasonable person to recognize and accept that there is definitely a higher power above and beyond everything else. 

The need for mutual assistance and co-operation is everywhere, throughout the universe. Every living being is running to each other’s help whenever required. Only the power that is all-encompassing and almighty can bring such a system into existence. 

Furthermore, true wisdom, spirituality, and a sense of calm that Islam endorses cast the “light” of enlightenment on to mankind. And this very light fills a spiritual void in all of us. The feelings and emotions, through which believers achieve inner peace, a sense of morality, and meaning in life, are testimony of God’s presence and lordship. Firm faith in the divine is the core of everything to be rendered meaningful. Rather than requiring validation, it validates everything else.