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The deceit of Free Basics by Facebook


Netizens once again it’s time to make your voice heard against the selective streamlining of internet. Internet which has always been fair, free and democratic is again under threat though this time threat has concealed itself under the guise of Free Basics.It is important to understand that changing the name doesn’t mean that Free basics stand for free and fair internet.
Free Basics actually mean keeping Facebook and its partners free, while everything else remains paid. The internet users who pay for internet access will be able to get Free Basics for free and thus FB will get competitive advantage over others, which will drive out the competitors. This is a clear violation of Net Neutrality.

Moreover, Facebook is also seen misleading people in this case as many reports have been registered where people are incorrectly shown supporting the Free Basics when they don’t. People who have opposed Free Basics are shown to their friends as supporting it (source) and there have been instances where people with inactive accounts(source) or people clicking scroll down and read more have been shown supporting the Free Basics.(source).

What you can do?

Send an email to the TRAI indicating your actual stand to the TRAI. A sample is available at www.savetheinternet.in, along with a tool that helps your mail the TRAI.